Welcome to the Galway Community Counselling

Galway Community Counselling is based in the Ballybane Enterprise Centre - Galway. GCC provides professional counselling / psychotherapy. The psychotherapists have a wide range of experience and they adhere to the professional and ethical guidelines as outlined by the professional bodies of IAPPC and the IAHIP, IACP.

" Sharing a burdened heart with another. Frees us from its weight long enough to focus on solutions. "

- Liane Cordes

Each Psychotherapist has a varied background of experience and is trained to relate to and treat people who are distressed. We aim to provide a confidential non-judgemental, empathic approach to clients. We offer non-directional psychotherapy/counselling which facilitates self-exploration. A good therapeutic relationship with a psychotherapists, can be conducive to a person becoming more self-aware, and discovering within themselves possibilities of positive changes in their lives



“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

- Aristotle

Galway Community Counselling has a number of psychotherapists to help people choose the proper and appropriate help. Our psychotherapists have undergone in-depth training and are committed to upholding the highest standards of professional conduct.




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