Children / Adolescent Therapy

How it works?

Depending on the age, an appropriate arrangement will be made with the Therapist.  Consent is required by the parent/guardian or social care worker.  Usually, younger children attend fortnightly for approximately 40-50 minutes.  Older children may attend weekly for an hour.  We ask that the parent/guardian or social care worker remain in the waiting area during the session, should the child want their presence during the session.

The therapy is one to one where art, toys, mixed media, and talking are used as therapeutic tools to engage with the child/young person and work with the issues that are holding them back in their lives.

Our vision at Galway Community Counselling is that the grief experienced by children and young people, following a significant loss in their lives, is recognised and that they are offered the understanding and support necessary to foster emotional well-being.

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.

– Plato

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